2-3 NOVEMBER 2011, Hanoi, Vietnam

Asia is in the process of doing the switch! Digital TV standardisation and the application and distribution of digital communication in many of its countries have been evolving.

Vietnam, in particular, is going to phase out analog and going for digitalisation from now till 2020 and is estimated to cost U$231 million for its four phases of process and transition. Like its neighboring countries in Asia, the digital switch in this country is quickly moving from a strategic side project at many networks to a core capability.

However, to easily integrate all the digital processes, there are several issues that need to be addressed:

  • How ready is the broadcast industry in Vietnam?
  • What are the guidelines in coordinating the switchover process?
  • What are the synchronisation of the switchover/turn-off and spectrum re-farming processes?
  • What can be the combined actions and roles of industry players and government during the switchover?
  • What could be the impact on markets and on spectrum management?
  • What does this mean for consumer electronics manufacturers and retailers, broadcasters and consumers?
  • How should new players and business models be addressed?

The Broadcast & Media Tech Vietnam 2011 offersa two-day conference & workshop programme featuring the Digital TV Asia Conference and the Digital Broadcasting Workshop by DigiWorkz.

Hear from distinguished leaders as they share their industry knowledge and experiences, innovation updates, and discover how fellow professionals are making the best out of today’s business environment and preparing for tomorrow’s opportunities and challenges.

Who should attend:

Top Management of Broadcast and Telecommunication companies, organizations and authorities:

Engineering and R&D; professionals, business development and marketing directors, product and market managers, strategic planners, facility managers, directors & chief engineers, systems developers and integrators and others who seek a detailed understanding of technologies, practices and deployment of digital television systems from industries including:

  • Television networks, owned & operated affiliates and independents
  • Broadcast operators and manufacturers
  • Cable and wireless cable operators and manufacturers
  • Satellite operators and services
  • Telecommunication product and service providers
  • Network service providers
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Consumer electronics developers and manufacturers
  • Programming companies and services
  • Content developers
  • System developers and integrators
  • Software and multimedia companies
  • Computer peripheral manufacturers
  • Semiconductor designers and manufacturers

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